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How to play Game Show Adventure™

Every game is against the clock and when the time runs out you lose a life. The only games where you can lose a life before the time runs out are the trivia games which come in 4 varieties, classic arcade style, cash builder, fast and furious and the true or false quiz game.

Game Show Hints and Tips

The secret to beating this TV game is the careful use of the tokens that you start each puzzle game with. You start with 3 lives, 3 passes, 2 clues and 2 extra time tokens.
Passes are best used in Conundrum, Catchphrase and the puzzle games, we will refer to Conundrum and Catchphrase as puzzles from now on. If you can't figure out any of the puzzles then use a pass before the time runs out, it's better than losing a life! If you think you've nearly got the puzzle solved then use an extra time token, many people forget to use these and they really do give you a lot of extra time. This leaves the clue tokens, these are best used in Conundrum and Catchphrase, especially Conundrum. They can also be used in the knowledge rounds and will give you a 50/50 by turning 2 incorrect answers red, personally I would save the clue tokens for Conundrum only. A little known cheat for you here, if you manage to make it to the Vegas pyramid, in the second shop the gamble game is a card game based on the TV game show Play Your Cards Right this is a game of guessing whether the next card is higher or lower, using a clue token reveals the next card!

Each Game Explained

The hardest game is Conundrum taken from the British TV show Countdown™ called Countdown Conundrum on that show, the letters of a random word, which could be anything, are mixed up in such a way that they either form another word or two words which really makes working out what the original word was pretty tricky. The good news is that in the easy Aztec pyramid the words are short, usually limited to 5 or 6 letters. Here's one of them, "OLDMAN", using a clue token gives you this clue, "NUT", that's why I recommend saving your clues especially for this game as the clues really give you a good chance of working out what the original word was. Try this one without a clue, RELATING, you've got 60 seconds to work it out.

This game is relatively easy and is based on the TV game show Catchphrase, this game is far more popular in the UK and Australia than it was in the US. You are presented with a picture that is portraying a well known saying or phrase. You have 60 seconds to figure it out. You might find yourself using the extra time tokens on this game, using a clue reveals every other letter which is a big help and basically gives the game away. The words of the phrase are blank to start with and you have to fill them in. Hint: By studying the blank words you can get an idea of what the phrase might be.

Fast and Furious
This general knowledge question round is worth a mention in particular because at first glance it looks ridiculously hard. You are given very little time to choose an answer! But the programmer decided to be nice to the players in this game. You will notice a little window in the bottom left hand corner that starts with a heart with a minus symbol next to it. As you answer questions correctly bigger and bigger cash amounts appear in the window, as you get questions wrong the cash prizes get smaller, eventually at the bottom is the heart symbol and when this appears you lose a life. At the end of the round you win whatever cash amount is in the window. Here's the good news, you only lose a life if the heart symbol is in the window. So getting the first few questions correct will mean you won't lose a life in this game, good to know.
Bonus: If you get all 10 questions correct you win a trophy! There are many trophies to be won in Game Show Adventure™ and you can see your trophies by tapping on the "Stats" button in the main pyramid or in the game's menu screen, then tapping on trophy room.

Prize Wheel
At first glance this looks like a lucky spin of the wheel but in actual fact it's a game of skill. You press and hold the button in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. This in turn moves a plunger down on a carnival type of strength meter, like the ones you see at the fairground. Here's the secret, by holding down the plunger to half way on the strength meter, and releasing the button, it will make the wheel spin and stop at the bottom (half way) of it's original starting position. So, looking at the picture above of the prize wheel, by holding the plunger down a quarter of the way will win you a pass. Holding down the plunger to a little under 3 quarters of the way will win you a heart, and almost all the way down will win you an extra time token. The wheel starts in a random position each time so you can't get used to always pressing and letting go in the same place every game. However, with a little practice you can choose your own prizes, a life, a pass, a clue, extra time or one of the two cash prizes. Bonus: If you stop the wheel on the $50,000 you win the jackpot which is another trophy in your trophy room!

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