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Major update today. I've spent the last 2 weeks improving a lot of the graphics and on top of that I also created a new game show for the game called Gambit which is loosely based on the TV show "Million Pound Drop" or "Million Dollar Drop" depending on where you live. I'll be writing an article this week to explain all the new content to be found within the game. I'll post a link to it here when it's written.


Concentrating on improving the game for the next few months. Just added Family Fortunes / Family Feuds type game to the Egypt zone. I've posted a screenshot of it on Facebook here: Game Show on Facebook Why not like the page while you're there to get regular game updates?


It's time to celebrate! Our game just got accepted by Amazon and is now available for all Kindle devices. If you have a Kindle you can download the game here: Game Show Adventure on the Amazon Appstore.


A great day for Game show Adventure, the game has finally been given the recognition it deserves. Of all the apps reviewed this weekend it got the most likes and community members of The Great Apps website downloaded the game and gave it some pretty impressive scores for design, playability and creativity. If you're curious how well the game scored then you can take a look here, Best free app for Android.


Time to give the game a mention, this latest article explains a lot of the puzzle games you will find in this vast Android game with lots of nice screen shots, have a read here, Best Puzzle Games for Android.


The forth article in our series discusses paid, free or freemium apps, planning the game layout and drawing a game plan, read it here, Android Game Design.


Game Show Adventure is starting to get noticed! We have two favourable reviews so far which are worth a read, the first one was by Nick at Bothers Bar and the second one is by Ric at Gizmo Editor.


Our third article starts the process of how to create a game app. Starting with a bit of history of how I started programming 30 years ago and leading on to actually starting Android game design and how to Create an App. More on the way soon.


Today we posted the second article to help people who want to learn more about app development. It's an honest article on the subject and a bit of an eye opener, no holds barred giving you plenty of App Advice, Enjoy.


We've posted our first article to help people who want to make an app but don't know where to start. Because the subject is huge we are going to publish it in bite sized pieces so this is the first of many blogs about how to make an app. A good place to start.


Great News! We've been working around the clock for the past 3 weeks to get the game finished and we are pleased to announce that Game Show Adventure is now available for free download on the Google Play Store. All the game needs now are enthusiastic people to play it and give it rave reviews. This is a great day, time to celebrate!


CLOSED: Right now we are looking for Android game testers for Game Show Adventure. What we are looking for are people aged over 18 years old who like quiz shows and have a good level of general knowledge. The game is finished and all the game testers have reported finding no bugs at all but we want to be absolutely positive before it is released. We would also welcome feedback on the game play aspect. Is it too difficult, was there a game that was confusing to understand or control? Because this quiz app has many puzzle games in it we would like as many people as possible to try them out. You will be rewared by getting your hands on this vast game before anyone else and also you will get all the in app purchases completely free, and have fun at the same time!

If you would have liked to take part just enter your email address in the box below, we will be sending an email to our subscribers the next time we're looking for Beta Testers. Right now we are making Game Show Adventure compatible with Apple devices and we will be looking for more game testers soon. Subcribers will also get special offers, free stuff and insider knowledge of this game and future releases.

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Game Show Adventure

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