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We are a new Indie game development team and Game Show Adventure is our first project. Martin, a graphic designer, struggling to get work decided to try his hand at programming and came across Corona SDK which meant he didn't have to start learning complicated Lua Script which would have taken years, Corona has given us the opportunity to quickly get a game up and running. Thanks to his graphics background all the art work was done in house which saved both time and expense, absolutely vital when you have a very limited budget.

Debbie has been in sales her whole life starting with Selfridges in London and quickly being promoted to area sales manager where she also trained staff. Although she loved the job she got fed up with the rat race and emigrated to Portugal where she has worked in advertising and real estate for the past 23 years. Our hope is that this first game will become hugely popular so we can put our talents to work doing something a lot more enjoyable, working for ourselves means we can devote all our time inventing fresh, new and exciting games never seen or thought of before.

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Game Show Adventure is only the first game.

This was a very ambitious first game considering the massive size and many different types of games it incorporates, this trivia quiz app has taken 10,000 hours to create! Our chief programmer wanted to see what was possible with the programming language and was pleasantly surprised to find that he could make anything he could think of, like arcade style games using touch screen instead of the usual controllers games like these would use. Using the devices gyroscope feature to good effect with a mini side game in Game Show Adventure opens up all sorts of possibilities for future titles.

  • To release at least one new quality game every year.
  • To keep improving and adding to Game Show Adventure.
  • To innovate and invent new types of games never made before. All future games will be unique.
  • Make versions of all our games for all platforms.
  • Share useful code snippets and graphics with the community.


  • Sales Executive

    Deborah Warren

  • Chief Programmer

    Martin Warren

  • Lead Games Tester

    Cash Man