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Game Features

  • Multiplayer - 1 to 4 players.
  • 1200+ High Definition graphics.
  • Nearly 100 Sound effects and backing tracks.
  • Hundreds of puzzle games.
  • Thousands of TV quiz questions covering every topic.
  • Mazes, word searches, spot the difference and more!
  • Classic arcade games like Frogger and Pac-Man
  • Classic board games like Connect Four;, Mastermind; and Simon;
  • Gamble games like British slots and Roulette.
  • TV Game Shows like Deal or No Deal, Catchphrase and more.

This FREE Android game took 10,000 hours to create with many thousands of easy TV quiz questions, medium TV quiz questions and hard TV quiz questions based on world trivia covering every topic but not country specific. This means as long as you can read and write English you can answer the fun quizzes easy, not only that it's chock full of puzzle games, brain games and new tv shows so it doesn't get boring like other trivia quizzes can get quite quickly. Best of all you can try this Android game for free. The Android Games page on this website has more screen shots and some helpful game play hints. The game description below will give you an insight about how Game Show Adventure™ became what it is today.

We have two favourable reviews so far which are worth a read, the first one was by Nick at Bothers Bar and the second one is by Ric at Gizmo Editor

Game Show Adventure is a vast Android game

A vast general knowledge quiz game with hundreds of puzzle games and thousands of trivia quizzes set in 3 worlds. With stunning High Definition graphics and arcade action where everything is against the clock, trivia has never been so much fun. This trivia quiz game is "Freemium" meaning you get the entire first world (The Aztec Zone) for free with the option to unlock the other two worlds with an in app purchase if you like the game. Other puzzle games for Android pale in comparison to this game because it's so mind bogglingly huge, it's visually stunning too, you have never played anything like it, it's like taking part in a TV show! It's so incredibly addictive and so much fun to play.

The History of this TV show based Adventure game

Work started on this Trivia Android game in March 2014 and was originally only going to be a trivia quiz app based on fun quiz questions but we noticed early on that the game would get boring very quickly if it didn't have other distractions to keep the players entertained, fun quizzes alone are just not enough. This lead to adding puzzle games we liked playing based on the popular board game of Scrabble that we saw on the British TV show Countdown called Countdown Conundrum, a puzzle game of working out the original word after the letters had been scrambled up. This lead to the idea of adding another TV game show called Catchphrase and as more and more TV games continued to be added it became more game show based hence the title of the game.

Lot's of Android Games, TV shows and Trivia!

Set in three progressively more difficult worlds starting with the easy Aztec zone, the medium difficulty Egypt zone and culminating in the fiendishly hard Vegas zone, each with it's own challenges and TV games that suit each zones theme. The Aztec zone for example is set in the jungle and includes the adventure game Monkey Run where you control a monkey trying to catch coins falling from above. If he gets hit on the head he lets out a scream and freezes on the spot, collect enough coins and prizes start falling down too. Another adventure arcade game, Bug Catch has you tapping beetles that have to match the color of the chameleon who will swallow them if they are the same color as him or spit them out if they are not. Collect enough bugs and a prize bug appears that awards an extra life if you tap it at the right moment. Then there's the river crossing adventure game based on the classic arcade game Frogger where you try to cross a river to collect coins and prizes by jumping on logs and avoid falling into the river. Each zone or pyramid has it's own unique adventure games,Trivia, TV show games, quiz and puzzle games.

The Trivia Quizzes and Quiz Questions

The general knowledge rounds are diverse too and contain thousands of trivia quizzes and fun quiz questions. You might have to answer 5 or 10 quiz questions depending on the level and they come in 4 variations. Classic arcade style against the clock, who wants to be a millionaire style which is called Cash Builder in this game and Fast & Furious where you have very little time to answer the world trivia quiz questions but only lose a life if you are bottom of the cash ladder. Last but not least are the True or False quiz questions, these are just cruel because they are based on common misconceptions and you will find yourself actually not believing you got them wrong, D'oh!

Puzzle Games for Android

You would think we would be satisfied that having all these fun quizzes and TV show adventure games was enough, not really, we decided to add hundreds of puzzle games too! You will find a plethora of really fun, easy or challenging Android puzzles with some of your favorite childhood board games based on Simon , Connect 4 and Mastermind that you have to beat to progress to the next game in each pyramid. If you would like to see a lot of them in more detail click this link Best Puzzle Games for Android, it will open in a new window and you will get a lot of hints, tips and cheats to help you beat the myriad of puzzles found in this huge adventure game.

Still not not enough free puzzles and games? We are never satisfied either.
How about 64 word search puzzles, 30 marble mazes, British style fruit machine, roulette, higher or lower card game, word puzzles, brain games, camel race, Egypt maze, Pac-Man, lottery scratch cards, spot the difference, match 2, word games and a lot more besides.

With world high scores and a trophy room for you to try and be the best this game will keep you hooked for many months but the challenge doesn't stop there. This free Android game is also a multiplayer trivia game (1-4 players), you can play against your friends by passing this puzzle game around the room like a board game too. Other Android games in this category are tiny in comparison to Game Show Adventure. This Android game is vast but be warned it's not easy and is definitely not for casual gamers. The recommended age group is adults with a good level of general knowledge and you must be good at trivia quizzes, essential if you want any chance of beating this top Android puzzle game at any level.

This is just the beginning. If this puzzle game is a success we are going to keep on building on top of it to make it even more vast than it already is. We have ideas written down to add new worlds, arcade games and many more free puzzles which will be automatically added to the full paid version of Game Show Adventure™ for free for years to come. If you love fun quizzes, fun quiz questions, trivia quizzes, TV Quiz Questions and puzzle games then you will love this game, Android games do not get any better than this.

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